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1 in 3 people surveyed for the McKinsey report, reported changes at work had a negative impact on their mental health, with feelings of anxiety, deppression and general distress.

Adopting changes at work
allows faster growth
and maintains improves at work

,Change is a positive part of life
. leading to growth and prosperity

Still, when change is extrinsic it requires reorganization, even when it’s for the best.

Adopting change as part of the routine, allows fast adaptation to new situations. for example, transitioning to a new hybrid work model,  management change or a new role at the organization.

In this guide, you’ll find exercises, tools and practices to change your attitude towards change. All the information in the guide is based on academic research and empiric field work. 

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The guide to adopting change at work includes:

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Through processes, meetings and seminars I use research from the fields of positive psychology, management, cognition and motivation, to awaken the desire to do.

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