With accountability you are incredible

who we are

coMEETment is a closed business community of peers, that will take you to the next level.

A destination for entrepreneurs to find camaraderie and stay committed to their goals.

support and inspiration to achieve your biggest goals

CoMEETment is a powerful community for open-minded entrepreneurs to celebrate, strategize, and thrive together.

It’s a space to form deep connections that will help you achieve incredible growth in business and life.

Our mission

A community of diverse, like-minded peers who are just as committed and motivated in fulfilling their life intentions

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We know that the best way to grow your business is through a diverse group of women who hold each other accountable.

We've created an environment for you where not only can we help matchmake, but also provide regular communication and structured monthly virtual gatherings with these 8 amazing members!

Accountability Sessions

2 Accountability Sessions Per Month, to support you with what you need.

We meet bi-weekly, every month for a 1.5-hour online session.

With the power of the group, we will Hit Your Biggest, Scariest Goals. 50% of accomplishing a goal successfully, is sticking to your weekly to-do’s. Life happens and we need others to help us stay on track, enhance motivation, and keep traction altogether. Stay on track with continued accountability and go out there and do big bold things for yourself.

Networking Parties

Monthly Online Networking Party.

A chance for you to have fun, while branching out your business, ideas, dreams + Meet some amazing bold peers!

At each party, you'll get sorted into 2 different breakout rooms and spend 20 minutes in each, meeting other members, swapping contact details, and sharing your business wins & challenges.

Monthly Q&A

Monthly Q&A, Live Hot Seat/One on One conversation where we will be answering burning business questions.

It’s a dedicated 60-minute session for 3 to 4 focused hot seats to help you get unstuck.

You’ll submit your progress, describe what seems to be holding you back, and do a live group coaching session.

Everyone can join, learn, and discuss.

Closed Community

We will provide much-needed Community, Connection &, Coaching.

Connect with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs that you can celebrate, strategize, and thrive with.

Bring your biggest challenges to the table and get feedback, strategic guidance and hacks for your business. Think of us as your business buddies who are here for all of it. Stay in touch between sessions in our private facebook group.

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הורידו את המדריך לאימוץ שינויים בעבודה

וקבלו ישירות למייל מעל 20 כלים, פרקטיקות, מודלים לשימור מוטיבציה מול שינויים בעבודה.

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אימוץ השינויים בעבודה, מאפשר התפתחות מהירה ומשמר את המוטיבציה בעבודה.

כשכבר אין ביכולתנו לשנות את המצב, אנו ניצבים מול האתגר לשנות את עצמנו.

ויקטור פרנקל

שינוי הוא חלק חיובי מהחיים, ומוביל לצמיחה ושגשוג.

עדיין, כששינוי מגיע מבחוץ הוא דורש התארגנות מחודשת, גם אם הוא לטובה.

אימוץ השינוי כחלק מהשגרה, מאפשר הסתגלות מהירה למצבים חדשים. למשל, מעבר לעבודה היברידית, החלפת הנהלה או מעבר לתפקיד חדש בארגון.

במדריך תמצאו תרגילים, כלים ופרקטיקות לשינוי הגישה כלפי השינוי. כל המידע במדריך מבוסס על מחקרים אקדמיים ועבודה אמפירית בשטח.

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